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Conference in Kiew 2020 with Harald Eckert

Get Ready For the Return of Jesus!

In this message from Harald Eckert we will primarily deal with Matthew 24 and 25 - The end-time speeches of Jesus in the version of Matthew. These begin at the end of chapter 23 with Jerusalem and finish in chapter 25 with the Last Judgment of the nations, which also stands in relation to Jerusalem as described below. In between, the statements of Jesus are dealt with, which refer to the birth pangs of the Last Days with reference to the coming kingdom of Jesus.

In the second part of the message Harald Eckert goes into the four parables, which begin at the end of chapter 24 and are further elaborated in chapter 25. Each of these four parables deals with a target group that is obviously especially important to Jesus with regard to the Last Days. First of all the spiritual leaders, secondly the universal church of Jesus in the Last Days, thirdly every single believer and fourthly the world of nations.

At the end of the message Harald Eckert goes into the world of nations even further. This again forms the basis of the following seminar.


Saturday, February 2nd:

Session 1:

Session 2:

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Session 4:


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