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GPC's key mission is to mobilize and stimulate prayer for your own nation regarding its relationship with the Jewish people and Israel.

The GPC is committed to: 

  • Connecting and building a network of like-minded ministries and organizations that can support each other and combine their efforts and resources. The GPC core team is committed to facilitate and federate the convergence with others who carry the same burden.
  • Teaching and providing information and communication tools to awaken the praying church to the Biblical significance of the issue of Israel and the nations. Our web site, books, video teachings, newsletters, etc. are freely available for public use.
  • Organizing events and conferences to mobilize active participation and develop prayer strategies related to sensitive issues within the European Union, the United Nations, the African Union, etc

The GPC is willing to support events related to the history of your nation's relationship to Israel and the Jewish people in partnership with planned prayer conferences and intercessory group events.

  • At a regional and local level when relevant to the history of a nation, cf. Auschwitz/Poland, Pacific Island
  • At a national level to pray with the intercessors into the history of their nation in regards to Israel, cf. Germany
  • At a continental level when the corporate history makes sense: cf. Europe
  • At a global level to gather a large representation of the nations, cf. Jerusalem 2017-2018


for the nations world-wide
to align with God’s heart
for Israel and its people


to the praying body to stand for their own nation, with regard to their relationship towards the Jewish people and Israel


as nations are heading towards
the valley of decision
(Joel 3, Matt 25)


The work of the Global Prayer Call is financed exclusively through the donations of sponsors, ministries and individuals who identify with and support the vision.

You can donate online with your Credit-Card or through your PayPal account. All donations will be handled by PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account for your credit card donation.


to the Global Prayer Call bank account (in EURO):

IBAN: DE29 5206 0410 0005 0271 87
Bank: Evangelische Bank eG
Receiver: Global Prayer Call

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