GPC First Friday Newsletter – March 2019

Report from East Africa

My trip to Kenya and Uganda was primarily a networking-trip. The main purpose was to build relationships with “Intercessors for Kenya”, “… Uganda” and “…Africa”. As we spent time together in worship, teaching and prayer, the Lord gave us “downloads” of revelation, intense times of prayer and intercession and growing relationships with a common sense of purpose and vision. As I have said a number of times before, from a global perspective, the prayer alliance between Africa and Europe on behalf of Israel and the nations of both of our continents is a key factor. To me this vision and approach has been strongly confirmed as key relationships where formed and deepened. May the Lord give all those involved wisdom and insight as to how to continue to build this strategic alliance.

San Remo conference (May 3-5): Spread the word! Come along!

We all realize, to one degree or the other, that Europe is in the midst of a huge spiritual battle. Are the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe being revived, is the fear and the presence of God being re-kindled, is revival breaking through – or is the anti-Christian and anti-semitic spirit of Babel completely sweeping Europe? The key bench mark for this is the attitude of the European nations regarding Israel. If Israel is blessed and honored in Europe, the blessing of the Lord will return to Europe. If not, Europe is going to be shaken and shattered – which is already starting to happen before our very eyes.

The upcoming prayer conference in San Remo (Italy) is a unique opportunity for praying Christians from all over Europe to gather before the throne of God and stand in the gap for the nations of Europe right before the EU-elections coming up at the end of May 2019.

I am encouraging all Europeans and those who have a burden for Europe: Please prayerfully consider coming to this conference to bless Israel from Europe and to pray for the European nations in this significant moment of spiritual battle and far reaching decisions! Please spread the word to those within your reach, who might see themselves called to be part of this battle at this strategic time! For more information, please check our website and registration tool!

Also, please take note of the First Friday Videoclip regarding the San Remo conference with an inspiring message and an invitation from co-moderator, Pastor Clive Urquhart and myself. 

GPC Jerusalem conference (June 7-9) – For “watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” from all different continents.

From a global prayer perspective, there is no city like the city of Jerusalem. It is the City of the Great King, the city of the Lord Jesus, son of David, the city of Mount Moriah and of the return of Messiah! The future of our nations depends on their attitude towards this city as the eschatological time of the “valley of decision” (Joel 3) draws closer where nations will be put to a final test. Will they march against Jerusalem as a goat nation or will they prove to be a sheep nation - showing a humble, respectful and supportive attitude towards Israel. Prayer for our nations to move their embassies to Israel’s Jewish Capital, Jerusalem, is one of the key topics of this conference. We may even be able, as intercessors, to travel to Tel Aviv to pray at the embassies of the nations we represent.

Rick Ridings, prayer leaders from different continents and I are looking forward to blessing Israel and Jerusalem and to praying for our nations and continents together with you! Please register! Please spread the word!

Other prayer topics and greetings

Please continue to pray for the situation in Syria as shared by Rick Ridings (in cooperation with Jerusalem’s CBN director Chris Mitchell) and please also pray for the Eastern European nations of Poland, The Czeck Republic, Slovakia and Hungary as they are in a deep decision-making process regarding moving  their embassies to Jerusalem this spring. Please be encouraged in your intercession for Israel and for your own nation as it relates to Israel!

May the Lord bless and keep you as you bless His people and intercede for your nation and continent!


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