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Teaching on Evangelism and on Israel as avenues of blessing for a nation

Drake Kanaabo is called by some “The African Reinhard Bonnke”. He has proclaimed the gospel in over 50 nations using a strategy very similar to that of the German Evangelist - large “gospel-crusades” on the open field or in big stadiums. In fact, the two Ministries have worked together in a number of eastern African nations. His contribution to the conference was teaching about Evangelism. Harald Eckert shared his insight into the biblical teaching on “sheep nations and goat nations” and how Uganda remains under the protection and blessing of God by walking in the spirit of a “Sheep-Nation”.

The first GPC-session introduced the “Global Prayer Call” in its three major dimensions: 1) Revelation and teaching on “Israel and the Nations”. 2) Understanding  the “Times and Seasons” in which we live from a Biblical as well as a prophetic standpoint and discovering God’s divine calendar and what it means to us as praying believers. 3) Maintaining  a mentality and lifestyle of “networking and partnership” between leaders, between nations and between continents. Harald also called for a “special partnership” between Europe and Africa for the blessing of Israel and with a potentially global impact.

The second GPC-session focused on prayer for Israel: 1) Praying out of an attitude of gratitude for what the world and the church has received from and through Israel throughout  the course of history. 2) Praying out of a spirit of brokenness and repentance for the manifold sins of the church against the Jewish people in church history and 3) praying out of a spirit of love and compassion for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel according to the words of the prophet Isaiah: “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people…” (Isaiah 40,1ff). Prayer topic nr. 4 was prayer for the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel from the ends of the earth (Aliyah) and the rebuilding of the land and the nation based upon Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36. Topic nr. 5 focused on Jerusalem based on our Christian calling to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (Isa 62,1-7) and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122,6). Finally we were encouraged by this message to pray for the salvation of “All Israel” according to Romans 11,25ff. Prayer topic nr. 7 focused on prayer for your nation being a blessing to Israel  - which was covered in GPC sessions 3 and 4.

The next sessions went right to the core of Harald Eckert's message to the Body of Christ. In session 3, he dealt with the Biblical revelation of God’s love for Israel and His love for the nations, and His call for them to be mutual blessing to one another (Gen. 12,3). Session 4 was dedicated to sharing the Biblical warning to nations not to become a curse to Israel (Gen. 12,3) - which the bible predicts will occur during the end-time period before the return of Christ (Joel 3, Zach 12, Matth. 25,31ff). The key for the nations to avoid falling into this trap, Harald explained, is to resist operating under  the “spirit of Babel” (Genesis 11 and Psalm 2) and, particularly regarding Israel and the Jewish people, to walk in the spirit of a lamb or a sheep – thus standing before the Lord as a "sheep-nation" according to Matt. 25,31.

In Harald's 5th and final session, his message focused on prayer for your own nation and how it could become a sheep nation according to what Jesus shared in Matthew 25 regarding how His people, the Jews where treated by the nations.

Please note: All five sessions, with translation into the local Ugandan language, are available on our Website. You can either listen to them online or download them. 


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