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Rick Ridings - Why is the 50th Anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem so important?

Global Prayer Call - A short introduction by the Founding Director of GPC

Monitoring Report July 2017

A bitter-sweet friendship - The German-Israeli relationship in times of strategic shift

The past week has been exemplary and intense in its example of how great the potential of the German-Israeli relationship is – but it also demonstrated the power of the conflicting forces that lie just below the surface. It has never been so clearly revealed simultaneously: The positive, the common bond, as well as that which separates, drives apart and conflicts. The bilateral relationship of the two countries is facing enormous challenges at a time in which major shifts are taking place in conditions in the Middle East – accompanied by upheavals of epic proportion. The quick turnover of events in Germany is closely connected to the fact that the past week was the last week the German Parliament was in session for this legislative period. A flood of bills where on the table that "still had to be passed" before Parliament recessed. A good example is the "marriage for all" bill that set politicians from every party and persuasion under pressure to get it passed before the short summer break and the subsequent elections. 

But let's take it in sequence: On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif visited Berlin. In relation to previous visits, he was received on a higher official level and with greater honor. He had meetings with the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Finance Minister Schäuble and Foreign Minister Gabriel. What made the situation unusual as far as official protocol is concerned is the fact that the German President officially met with the Foreign Minister of another country. This is especially disturbing in light of the fact that it was the Foreign Minister of Iran, whose office had participated just the weekend before in the official "Al-Quds" day held in Iran, which called for the destruction of Israel. 

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Monitoring Report June 2017

2 Presidents visit Israel – The world reveals its two faces

Visit by the Germany President

Thanks to the previous visit of his political party colleague and successor to the office of Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel - which went badly out of control - Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier faced a delicate situation during his first state visit to Israel since taking office. Mr. Steinmeier landed at Ben Gurion Airport in the beginning of May. On the one hand, the German side wanted to calm the waves while at the same time holding their line and making it clear to the Israelis that they would not march to Netanyahu’s drum. That’s how they see it in Berlin.

For that reason, thank God, there were no further provocations. There were no additional meetings with „Breaking the Silence“ and „B’Tselem“. However, in his speech to students at the Hebrew University and the ceremony of laying a wreath at Jasser Arafat’s grave, Steinmeier built two clearly opposing poles into his program. The Germans worked to restore balance. The greatest goal seemed to be to avoid a further debacle – using the policy of small pin pricks as the tool of choice in order to still not appear to be giving in too much.

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Current Prayer Information

Global Prayer Call

Standing together for Israel and the wellbeing of our nations

We live in fascinating times. Israel is being restored before our very eyes. The Middle East is becoming more and more the central focus of most of the challenges facing the world today. Once again, Israel appears to be at the core of world tensions and questions.

The Bible tells us that since the calling of Abraham and the promise of blessings through his posterity (Gen 12), the nations have been facing a major challenge:

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