Global Prayer Call

Standing together for Israel and the wellbeing of our nations

We live in fascinating times. Israel is being restored before our very eyes. The Middle East is becoming more and more the central focus of most of the challenges facing the world today. Once again, Israel appears to be at the core of world tensions and questions.

The Bible tells us that since the calling of Abraham and the promise of blessings through his posterity (Gen 12), the nations have been facing a major challenge:

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Global Prayer Call - A short introduction by the Founding Director of GPC


There is currently a leadership void in the African Union. Please pray for God to appoint a blessed and wise leadership team for the African Union!

GPC conference in Kampala, Uganda

A unique conference took place from May 18-20, 2016, in Kampala Uganda. Co-hosted by Drake Kanaabo Evangelistic Ministries (Uganda) and The Global Prayer Call (Germany), this conference for Evangelists and Intercessors had one common goal: To increase Uganda's awareness and understanding of some of the ways that God is currently blessing this nation.

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for the nations world-wide
to align with God’s heart
for Israel and its people


to the praying body to stand for their own nation, with regard to their relationship towards the Jewish people and Israel


as nations are heading towards
the valley of decision
(Joel 3, Matt 25)

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